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In order to limit the frequency of equipment breakdown and help avoid emergency call outs, we can offer tailor made air conditioning maintenance packages. Naturally, if equipment is regularly checked and adjusted for optimum efficiency, the possibility of failure owing to neglect is avoided. Plus it is more cost effective for the client.

We are able to offer equipment maintenance packages for air conditioning systems installed by us as well as equipment which has been installed by other air conditioning contractors.

On a routine air conditioning maintenance schedule, our CFC and REFCOM approved engineers typically check the following:

  • Isolate electrics and switch back on to see operation of plant is ok
  • Pipework runs for vibration or chaffing and clipping
  • Electrical connections
  • Freon gas charge and sight glass
  • Oil levels of compressors
  • Drains clear
  • Condensate pumps operation
  • Condensers clear and clean with nitrogen
  • Filters clean and change as required (filters at additional cost)
  • Temperatures being achieved at condenser and outlet ends
  • V belts and change as required (belts at additional cost)
  • Loading upon compressors
  • Air flows
  • Lagging and report if requires renewal
  • Leaks on pipework and connections
  • Fan motors and blades
  • Crankcase heater, operation of actuators and damper motors

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