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05/12/2016 Hospital selects TSS Facilities for essential bacteria sampling

Queen Victoria Hospital

TSS Facilities has been employed by Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead to carry out legionella and pseudomonas sampling.

The frequent sampling of water for these legionella bacteria is not only a legal requirement, but is essential to ensure that patients don't contract the potentially fatal Legionnaires' disease.

Steve Tugwell, water treatment director at TSS Facilities, explained: "While everyone is potentially at risk from Legionnaires' disease, only those with weakened immune systems or those who are already hospitalised with another illness tend to be affected by pseudomonas bacteria, which is why it's so important that sampling at hospitals for both bacteria is carried out regularly by a reputable company such as TSS Facilities."

If you'd like to discuss your organisation's water treatment needs, call Steve Tugwell at TSS Facilities now on 01273 719111 or email

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