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Carbon reduction

Carbon statement:

Carbon reduction TSS

We are committed to reducing our Carbon Impact and are currently working towards government targets set out in the Climate Change Act 2008. The management of our carbon emissions is a long term commitment by TSS Facilities Ltd and supports our beliefs of making tomorrow a better place. This policy statement represents our environmental stance and the practices we apply when conducting business.

Climate Change Act 2008

The Climate Change Act 2008 is a legally binding framework that aims to tackle the dangers of climate change. The provision with the Act states an 80% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, to be achieved through action in the UK and abroad. The Act also incorporates a sub-section stating a reduction in emissions of at least 34% by 2020. Both targets within the Act are against a 1990 baseline. The two key aims of the Act 2008 are;

  • Improve carbon management, helping the transition towards a low-carbon economy in the UK
  • Demonstrate UK leadership internationally, signalling we are committed to taking our share of responsibility for reducing global emissions in the context of developing negotiations.

We have utilised these targets to generate our own key Performance Indicators (KPI's) in carbon reduction.

Our commitments:

We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and working towards the Climate Change Act 2008, with an overall aim of reducing the negative impact that our business activity has on the environment. In order to achieve this we are committed to:

  • Evaluation of alternative fuel cars to ascertain their potential benefit to the fleet
  • Ensuring vehicles are properly maintained - poorly maintained vehicles have higher fuel consumption and toxic emission levels
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce mileage by recording and analysing business travel, incorporating fuel efficient driving principles
  • Recording and analysing individual fuel consumption to encourage fuel efficient driving.
  • Promote safe, economic and environmentally friendly driver training
  • Ensuring mileage reimbursement rates and travel allowance rates are environmentally sensitive and do not encourage drives to make excessive journeys
  • Promoting satellite navigation and telematics to help drivers avoid congestion and utilise the most efficient route to reach their destination
  • Utilising locally based staff to reduce time on the road
  • Policies to manage the added risks, costs and environmental impacts of the 'grey' fleet
  • We will work in partnership with our clients and supply chain partners to assist them in achieving sustainable working environments and supporting their sustainability innovations


In order ascertain the impact of our Policy we have in place a number of targets:

  • Reduction in C02 of 70% by 2014 by better transport planning and tracking devices.
  • Decrease electricity use by 50% in the office through the use of 'go green electricity campaign'.
  • Reduction in waste paper by 80%; through our paperless office policy


This Carbon Statement will be reviewed annually in January of each year by the Managing Director. The responsibility for implementation of this policy rests with the MD, who will monitor the effectiveness of the policy and its associated initiatives. This Carbon Statement will be displayed prominently, and access to the complete Environmental Policy manual detailing procedures will be available on the premises for reference by any employee.

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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

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