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13/01/10 TSS Facilities seek NAPIT approval

The company undergoes testing for acceptance on Microgeneration scheme

After many years experience with sustainable energies and technologies including installing solar panels on public buildings, TSS is now seeking recognition through registration with the National Association for Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT) under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

Chris Tugwell from TSS says "The scheme covers a range of technologies and will enable our clients to choose more cost effective, environmentally friendly energy options for their businesses which will benefit both their budgets and their consciences."

Technologies included in the scheme:

  • Solar domestic hot water
  • Solar PV
  • Micro wind
  • Micro hydro
  • Biomass
  • Heat pumps
  • Micro CHP
  • Renewable CHP
  • Fuel cells

NAPIT ensures that all new installations and repairs meet Carbon Trust guidelines and are able to offer advice on appropriate installations which in turn will enable clients to apply for Carbon Trust energy grants. Grants enable businesses to make savings on installations and start-up costs as well as long term savings through reduced fuel bills.

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